How To Choose The Perfect Personalized Stationery Gift This Holiday Season

How To Choose The Perfect Personalized Stationery Gift This Holiday Season

Posted by StationeryXpress on on Aug 20th 2021

Ordering the perfect gift can be hard, but luckily, we at StationeryXpress have come up with a game plan to make shopping for your loved ones a little bit easier this upcoming holiday season.

We're going to cover how to plan and purchase the perfect Personalized Stationery for each group below:

A. Spouse/Partner  ·  B. Parent  ·  C. Child  ·  D. Friend or Coworker

(A) Spouse/Partners: We believe that planning the perfect gift for a spouse or partner really starts with communication. Sometimes, by simply asking and/or talking about what your spouse/partner may want this holiday season is enough to put you on the right path towards the perfect gift! Starting early is key as well, as most of us won't remember a conversation about a gift we may want if 3-4 months pass by. If communication and starting early doesn't work, we believe that getting something thoughtful, meaningful, unique and/or one of a kind is an easy way to purchase the perfect gift. All Personalized Stationery at StationeryXpress is fully custom, made-to-order and unique. Your spouse/partner will know that you planned this out, thought about them, and that there is no way you went to your local store to pick this up, as it has their name or initials on it! We truly believe that something with their name on it is the perfect gift, as it's unique, special, and one-of-a-kind. Best of all, you can rest assured that you are ordering high-quality and thick, sturdy paper stock as our standard. All of our personalized stationery comes ready to be gift wrapped as well!

(B) Parents: We believe that planning the perfect gift for a parent really comes down to something they can use and enjoy. We've all had the thought of "my mother/father is hard to find gifts for, they have everything they want and/or I don't know what to get them!" Also, a great gift for a parent is something they can use for multiple occasions. For example, Personalized Stationery Flat Cards or Fold Notes for your mother or father is something can be used throughout the year, for many occasions. Personalized Stationery is a unique gift that most do not already have, is special because it has their name on it in their favorite color, and can be used for birthday cards, thank you cards, a quick "hello" card, sympathy cards, anniversaries, and many more! Best of all, it takes quite a bit of time to use up all the cards, so it's a gift that can last years!

(C) Children: We believe that planning the perfect gift for a child can be done by making sure it's something that either makes them feel special, or something they feel is important and worth 'keeping safe'. It shouldn't be too complex, and shouldn't be overly expensive as most kids do not yet understand the concept of money and taking care of nice things just yet. Personalized Stationery for Kids is a great gift because it makes them feel special because their name is on it, the gift can last a long time, and they will feel it's something important and can keep safe in the stationery box the order arrives in. Best of all, the children can use their personalized stationery for everything: Drawing, notes to their parents or teachers, notes to their friends, thank you cards for birthdays, or even 'love' notes to girlfriends/boyfriends! Personalized Stationery is a great gift to get children into writing, and understanding the importance of hand-written thank yous.

(D) Friend or Coworkers: We believe that planning the perfect gift for a friend or coworker is one that shows thoughtfulness. This is where we believe the phrase/expression of "it's the thought that counts" truly comes from. We believe that our friends and coworkers feel 'good' just knowing that someone stopped their busy schedule to think about THEM, and got something for them that they really thought they would enjoy and love. At StationeryXpress, we are in awe at some of our amazing customers who truly put their friends and coworkers first, as many orders are for friends and coworkers, and it's extremely selfless and thoughtful. It truly is amazing to our entire team to see how much thought people put into their personalized gifts for their friends or coworkers, and warms our hearts to know it's still an important part of our 'human' culture, no matter your age, gender, or where you are from.

We hope this guide to buying the perfect Personalized Stationery for family and friends helped!

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